Traffic Masters Academy

Traffic Masters Academy

30 Days To Traffic Mastery

traffic masters academyThe only program on the market that shows you what REAL affiliates have done to earn millions of dollars in documented commissions.

Over the course of 30 days, you’ll learn from the men and women that are on the cutting edge of traffic generation today.

What The Modules Are About.

Module 1: Traffic Fundamentals
In Module 1 you will learn about the fundamentals of traffic, the foundation for the rest of the program including the basic terms and concepts you need to know before moving forward. You’ll learn about “Targeted Vs. Untargeted Traffic,” defining your audience, and Performance-Based vs. Fixed Cost traffic.

Module 2: PPC (Pay Per Click)
PPC is the Internet’s most popular traffic source and behemoths like Facebook, Google, and Bing generate billions of dollars in revenue every year through PPC advertising. Module 2 shows how to create ads, choose keywords, bid, and getting ads placed. It shows how to use PPC to reach some of Facebook’s 1.28 billion users worldwide, and track your ads to ensure that you are always making more money than you put in.

Module 3: The Power of YouTube
Module 3 talks about the “Four Essential Pillars” for YouTube marketing success, including how to target prospects, how to turn viewers into opt-ins, and how to create videos that capture people’s attention. You’ll also learn how to create high-quality videos using your smart phone.

These Modules Are Being Taught By These Experts:

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[toggle type=’first’ title=’Matt Lloyd’]Matt Lloyd: As CEO & founder of MOBE (My Online Business Education), Matt Lloyd sits at the helm of the premier home business company in the online marketing space.[/toggle]
[toggle title=’John Chow’]John Chow, who has earned over $1.2 million in commissions in MOBE and runs one of the biggest blogs on the planet, with over 200,000 active daily readers and followers.[/toggle]
[toggle title=’Shaqir Hussyin’]Shaqir Hussyin, who has earned over $950,000 in commissions in MOBE and is the founder of the world’s #1 Done-For-You Traffic Agency in the home business niche.[/toggle]
[toggle title=’Terry Lamb’]Terry Lamb, who has earned over $254,375.94 in commissions in MOBE and is a powerhouse YouTube marketer.[/toggle]
[toggle title=’Adam Holland’]Adam Holland is a well respected serial entrepreneur, public speaker and consultant who has created over a dozen internet marketing training courses and programs, and has been featured in several industry trade publications.[/toggle]
[toggle title=’Carolina Millan’]Carolina Millan is a full time Social Media Consultant, Speaker, Blogger, Business Coach and Online Marketer from Chile. In the last two years, she has earned over $300,000 online.[/toggle]
[toggle title=’Michelle Pescosolido’]Michelle Pescosolido is a full time Internet marketer and Facebook traffic expert.[/toggle]
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[toggle type=’first’ title=’David Gilks’]David Gilks, a former software engineer, is an internet marketer, entrepreneur, speaker and traffic expert.[/toggle]
[toggle title=’Sue & Jerry Smart’]Sue and Jerry Smart have been successful traditional business owners for over 30 years and have mastered the art of generating warm market traffic.[/toggle]
[toggle title=’Scott Smith’]Scott Smith, also known as the “7 Figure Surfer” is a social media trainer and motivational speaker.[/toggle]
[toggle title=’Ernest Lim’]Ernest Lim is a full-time Engineer and a part time Internet Marketer.[/toggle]
[toggle title=’Larry Crisp’]Larry Crisp, serial entrepreneur with a background in the Stock Market and MLM industry has experienced the freedom and lifestyle that only the top 1% of people in MLM ever achieve. More recently, he has added internet marketing to his portfolio and is not looking back.[/toggle]
[toggle title=’Bernardo De la Vega’]Bernardo De la Vega is an online entrepreneur with a background in financial services. After 1 year only of doing internet marketing, Bernardo has generated over $165,000 in commissions as a MOBE coach and MOBE partner.[/toggle]
[toggle title=’Luke Lim’]Luke Lim is a full time software engineer and a part time internet marketer who specializes in generating sales from PPV (Pay Per View) traffic. He joined MOBE in October 2013 and in less than a year has already generated over $200,000 online.[/toggle]


Module 4: Solo Ads
Solo Ads are sponsored emails to large email lists, and they are the Number #1 traffic source for online marketers (small and large) to bring in thousands of leads in a matter of hours. In Module 4, you will learn how solo ads work, how to work with providers, and how to track their performance. You’ll also get a “swipe file” of proven solo ads that you can copy and paste.

Module 5: Banner Ad Marketing
Banner ads are a tested and proven way to consistently get traffic that turns into buyers. Banner ads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and in Module 5 you’ll learn how to create your own banners for free or get other people to make them for as little as $5. You’ll also learn how to make banners that get clicks, where to place your banners, and how to track everything to ensure a solid return on investment.

Module 6: Blogging Secrets
In Module 6, John Chow – owner of one of the most popular blogs in the world – will show you how to generate FREE traffic at will even if you don’t have a blog of your own. John will show you how to use “guest posting” on other people’s blogs to get free leads, and show you how to quickly setup your own blog and use “pop ups” to turn your visitors into leads.

Module 7: Warm Market Traffic
In Module 7, you’ll learn how to create an offline “warm market” of leads. Using strategies like free in-person “meet ups” you can build your own list of highly targeted leads that can be potential goldmines.

PLUS… Two Extra Bonus Training Videos

Bonus Training #1: Direct Mail
Direct mail is far from dead. Did you know that Google, the $250 billion Gorilla of the Internet relies on direct mail to get new customers? That’s right, and now that there’s more competition in your email inbox, the MAILBOX is a great way to get your marketing piece in the hands of thousands of potential buyers. In this bonus training video, you will learn how to get started with direct mail even if you have a limited budget.

Bonus Training #2: PPV
You probably haven’t heard about PPV (Pay Per View). That’s because it’s a fairly new traffic source and still in a “Wild West” phase. You should try other methods before attempting this advanced strategy. But when you’re ready, this bonus training will show you how to navigate the “unruly” world of PPV and ethically find places to post PPV ads that can generate visitors for less than a $0.01 each!