Simple Guide To Understanding Affiliate Marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

By definition, Affiliate Marketing is a “Performance-based” strategy which involves three parties – the merchant/business owner, the affiliate/agent and the customer, whereby the merchant agrees to reward the affiliate with a certain percentage for recommending their products or services to others (the customers). The reward of the affiliate is usually based on their own personal effort.

How Does It Work?

Affiliate Marketing is defined as three different bodies: The Merchant (the person or company who owns the products or services). The Affiliate (the intermediary who is in charge of advertising and promoting the merchant’s business/brand and whom gets commissions on each purchase made by customers who come in through him or her). And thirdly there’s the consumer.

Based on their method of operation, affiliate marketing enables the affiliate to earn by simply promoting a business or brand and getting people to purchase. Affiliates can play their role by promoting/advertising through different platforms, but mostly through digital platforms such as websites, blogs and social media. The work of the affiliate is to introduce people to the brand through posts, catchy adverts or other marketing strategies such as videos. Affiliate marketing provides a higher ROI (Return On Investment) than other investments because it is performance based. The higher the number of customers who make purchases, the higher the income of the affiliate.

Steps To Starting Affiliate Marketing

Basically, affiliate marketing involves finding a product you want to promote, signing up for the brand’s product affiliate program, getting people to purchase the brand and in return getting a certain commission when they buy the product. Below are some tips on becoming an affiliate marketer:

  • Finding a Product: It is important to first have an idea of the kind of product you would like to promote. It is advisable to start up with selling products or services you are familiar with. A great deal will be accomplished through your individual marketing efforts if you stick to selling something of what you know. You should stick to a niche that is in line with your current interest or occupation.
  • Create Your Marketing Platform: Before kicking off as an affiliate, it is recommended that you start a website or blog related to your niche as this will enhance your performance as an affiliate. Some merchants at times would require you to provide a link to your website before approving you as their affiliate.
  • Join An Affiliate Program: Here’s where you can kick off your affiliate marketing properly. First, you need to do some research on affiliate programs relating to your niche. Joining these Affiliate programs are at most times absolutely free of charge.
  • Marketing Products: Once you’ve found the right affiliate program to join and you’ve been accepted, the next step is to start marketing the products, and getting people to buy the brand. You can market the products in different ways like including the affiliate links within your content and providing catchy ads and descriptions. You need to keep creating descriptive and enticing content about the products so as to get more people interested in the products.

Benefits Of Becoming An Affiliate Marketer

The modus operandi of affiliate marketing has many benefits, some of which are listed below:

  • It is easy to start up as it requires little money and most times it’s only a low cost to start up and generally no operating costs are involved too.
  • As an affiliate marketer, you enjoy the luxury of job flexibility. You are your own boss, you can choose your working hours and your place of work. An affiliate has the opportunity to work from home and from any part of the world and at any time of the day.
  • You can work as an affiliate marketer and still keep your current job or business. It is even possible to be affiliated with more than one company or brand. Affiliate marketing can serve as a supplement to one’s income most times.
  • There is no risk whatsoever attached to affiliate marketing. You only get paid based on how much you work and even when you stop working, you don’t lose anything.
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