How To Correctly Format Your Emails – Tool Tip

The one thing that you must do when sending out Any emails is to have them correctly formatted before sending. What I mean by that is you don’t want to be sending them out so that they cover the full width of the recipients email box.

They need to be narrow so that anyone receiving your emails can view them on devices such as mobiles so that they don’t have to keep scrolling left to right as well as down. In other words they are easy to read on all platforms.

Usually within auto-responders they do allow you to test your emails as to what it looks like on all the available devices today so you can see at a glance as to how yours are going to look.

Now I us a piece of online software (it’s free) and you can find it at

It’s very simple to use but I’ve included a few images and a few tips below on how to use it. I hope you find this useful?

1. Paste your text in to this area
2. Enter your column width here. I usually go anywhere between 40-55
3. Click the ‘New Paragraph Detection’ radio button
4. Hit the submit button

That’s it and what it spits out is a perfectly formatted text suitable to paste in to your Auto responder or other email sender as you can see in the image below.


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