About Me

So who am I, what have I done and why should you listen to me?

Well to begin, my name is Ian Bell and I’ve probably been just where you are now, sitting on the fence wondering what the hell to do or turn to next.

IanB1Well, I’m now a retired TV cameraman that got into Internet Marketing around 2010, just before retiring, as I wanted to be doing something for when I did actually retire.

Now if any of you remember this method, I started out building micro-niche sites from a course I purchased from a gent called John that went under the title of X-Factor.

These were simple 3 to 5 page HTML sites that incorporated an article or two with Google Adsense on them and in order to make some half decent money from Adsense you had to churn out many of these sites.

All was good for awhile, until I woke up one morning and discovered that Google had terminated my Adsense account still owing me hundreds of dollars, which I never saw and hence my earnings disappeared overnight.

I bounced around several other Internet Marketing ideas trying different things until I finally came across a great community and a program called phpBay and phpZon.

I became an affiliate for both eBay (known as EPN) and Amazon, using both the phpBay and phpZon software; perhaps you have heard of or used the software yourself.

Again this required you to build out hundreds of micro-niche sites to make good money that relied on your products longtail keywords being picked up by the Search Engines in order for customers to find your sites.

Building these kinds of sites became quite easy to do after a short time, with the help of cloning software, as you could launch dozens of sites a day, then, just alter a few pieces of code here and there and hey presto, a different eBay/Amazon product site.

Now don’t get me wrong, eBay must have been the best paying affiliate site around and I at time was knocking out around $3.5k dollars per month – and I was a small earner compared to some others on the forums.

This had its drawbacks though as one day Google would come along and de-index all your sites at once, or at least over a few days, so you were always buying new domain names and building out sites with your clones to get your earnings back – then more de-indexing.

It was a vicious circle… and I’m not even going to go into details about all the tracking issues, the 24 hour cookie, earnings going down the pan and feed outages that EPN still encounter that’s making it a joke amongst many of their affiliates. Lots have given up on them, including myself.

I also started a YouTube channel promoting various high price ticket offers from Amazon that was not doing too badly in making me several hundred dollars per month and growing with a good following.

Only had it for about six months, then one day my channel was closed down.

No notifications, nothing.

And it wasn’t something that I had done either… and to make things worse I was getting page 1 and #1 spots on both Google and YouTube for my longtail keywords without any SEO.

They weren’t your crappy videos you generally see around either, I wrote scripts and had them narrated and used my video skills to produce damn good review videos that took time to make.

You know it only needs one jealous competitor to make a complaint to YouTube and poof – you’re gone.

Take note, if you are using or planning to use videos, never rely on YouTube alone.

I now also use Dailymotion, so I upload videos to both to be on the safe side and in my opinion Dailymotion are more reliable and they too are also a free service.

I’ve also advertised a range of CPA offers from various CPA Networks via PPC with Adwords and Adcenter.

Now you’ve heard the expression “the money is in the list” right… Well in early 2014 I started doing list building and building out my own email list and this is what I spend some of my time doing now.