Work From Home in Your Shorts

Freedom is probably the number on reason that many people opt to work from home.

You are free to work when you want to and free to wear what you feel like wearing. Assuming you work in a job that does not entail meeting with people, then you can work in shorts, T-shirt and bare feet if you choose to.

In terms of working the hours that you want to work, this should not be confused with working for 1-2 hours per day; you will still have to put in the hours. In fact, many people who work from home find that they work more than the standard 8 hours per day. That is the price you pay for working at home. There are however other benefits too for those who decide to work at home, whether they are looking for an outsourced position or to start their own business.

You will notice that there are many expectations of you when you work from home. Friends and family members will have expectations of you that would not be the case if you worked in an office. This can cause pressure and you will need to be able to deal with this in a way that gives you some balance for being able to successfully work at home.

Be careful to not fall into the trap of spending too much time doing things that are not income producing activities. It might be tempting to start work late, and run around doing chores all day. None of these activities will yield any income and you will need to control this.

Working with clients in other continents can be tricky as they might wish to get hold of you when you are not working. You need to notify them of your working hours and assure them that you will respond to emails on time. You should set you working hours and stick to them as best as possible. If possible try to work in an area that is not open to everyone so that your working life and home life keep separate when you work from home.


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