Easily Earn $2-$4 Over and Over Again

Yoonla™ is a leading CPA company for affiliate marketers that pays you $2-$4 just for getting people to submit their name and email into a simple web form and it’s FREE to Join.

Here’s how to sign up for your free Yoonla account in 2 minutes.

The registration link is just below and at the bottom of the page. But first, quickly check out the 7-Steps below to see how easy it is to create your free account. You can also download the pdf instructions at the bottom of this page.

Step 1: Enter your first name and your email address, then click “Create My Account” button.
[landing page] Note: This may change from time to time


Step 2: You then arrive on a page that asks you to then check your email inbox.
[check your email or spam, junk folders and click to active your membership email]


Step 3: As mentioned above, go to your email inbox. You will have received a “Confirmation Required” email from Yoonla.
[This is important, check your email or it may be in your spam, junk folder and open the ‘Yoonla Confirmation Required’ email]


Step 4: When you’ve open the email, click on the blue “Activate My Account” button.
[Click the blue button Activate my Account]


Step 5: You will then arrive on a page where you create your password, once done then click “Activate Your Account” button.
[Enter your email, choose a password and confirm your password]


Step 6: You will then finally be able to sign in to your free Yoonla account.
[login to your new Yoonla account]

Step 7: And finally this is what your free Yoonla account will look like once you’ve signed in.


At the moment there is no need to do anything else other than explore the site and watch the videos.

If you require any further information then please ask.

Download These Instructions In PDF Format

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